A Little Intro

October 19, 2021

Hi friends! I am so excited to launch my new brand and website, Onward Performance Nutrition. Creating a brand around performance nutrition for young athletes is something I have quite honestly dreamed of for years, and it is so exciting to make it a reality!

Nutrition science won my heart a long time ago. When I took my first advanced metabolism class, I was done. I loved it! Understanding how our bodies can use what we put into them to accomplish all of the complex functions of daily living (not to mention athletic performance!) completely blew my mind and left me wanting more. Now as a registered dietitian with experience working with a variety of athletes, I know for certain that translating that nutritional science into practical applications for young athletes establishing their athletic careers is exactly where I want to be.

As I kick off this next step, I am thrilled yet overwhelmed with all that comes next. Coaching young athletes on their nutrition is something that makes me light up (others have actually told me this!) and I have so much I want to do to make fueling for sport easy, rewarding, and fun!

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