Helping highschool and college athletes build a fueling strategy that propels them into their next athletic breakthrough and onward


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Rachel truly gave me a better grasp of my nutrition as an athlete wanting to maximize my performance. She was so supportive and down to earth! She is a great person to learn from and work with!

About Rachel

Hi! I am a Registered Dietitian and previous collegiate athlete who believes that fueling optimally for sport can give athletes an edge over their competition, confidence to own what they put in their bodies, and a foundation for the rest of their athletic career and onward.

I have worked in the DI collegiate sports setting  and I have seen many athletes coming into their first year having never been taught how to fuel their bodies optimally for their sport. I have seen the confidence, optimized recovery, and increased strength that comes with adjusting fueling plans. I believe high school athletes can benefit from the same thing.