If you're feeling like you can't quite get to that next level of performance, it's time to consider your fuel. What you put into your body has a direct impact on what you're able to accomplish during training and competition.

Instead of surfing the internet for an unreliable meal plan, copying what your teammates eat because it's probably "good enough" or guessing at what would be good to eat before a game, let's find a real solution.

You've put the work in at practice. Maybe you even got after training in the off season, but your performance is still not where you want it to be. What now?

imagine IF you had...

A structured and realistic nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle

The tools to fuel your body appropriately without restricting food groups

More energy during training and less soreness between practices

A science-based approach to building strength and power in a healthy way


This 3-month intensive program provides for young athletes all tools necessary to establish a fueling foundation and take their performance to the next level. The program is built to progressively narrow in on specific topics of performance nutrition specifically related to the athlete's needs.

This program will take athletes from a place of confusion and ambiguity to a place of confidence and clarity as we build a fueling strategy together that will propel them into their next athletic breakthrough.

Rachel has helped me put on muscle and gain a competitive edge against others in my sport. It has been incredibly easy to work with Rachel and her plans do not require immediate drastic changes in your diet, but still give you great results.

1-hour Initial Assessment

What's included


4 Follow-Up Sessions


4 Performance Funnel Modules


Competition Day Matrix


Nutrient Needs Handbook


Messaging Access via Healthie


Prefuel & Refuel Planner


Weekly Check-in via Healthie 


A BIT About Me & TSFM

During sessions, I absolutely love helping athletes work towards goals that are realistic and fit easily into their lives...

but sometimes there simply isn't time to cover the "whys" behind many of my recommendations. This is why I created The Strategic Fueling Method. Through progressing through the modules and completing the athlete workbook alongside our individual sessions, I get the chance to build off of a foundational knowledge of performance nutrition and go even deeper into the science of how athletes can best fuel for their sport. Not to mention, this program gives athletes the autonomy and recourses to use what they learned for the rest of their athletic career.